Industry Snapshot

With sound fundamentals and tremendous scope for growth, India has one of the most developed Banking, Financial Services & Insurance markets in the developing world. The sector, majorly divided into banking and non-banking segments, emerged stronger after the financial turmoil due to its strict adherence to conventional systems and effective supervision by the central authority.

The Indian financial services market has huge further potential because of factors like annual savings rates of more than 30 per cent, favourable demographic trends and growing demand from India's 250 million-strong middle class.

Talent Challenges

The growing influence of the Indian economy is rapidly becoming a global platform for new growth in financial services, creating demand for highly skilled finance professionals. We address talent needs for all middle and senior management roles across all the segments of the sector such as Investment banking, Retail financial services, Insurance, Wealth Management etc.

Financial sector companies require staff to build on knowledge, but they are finding it increasingly tough to train new workers. Retaining talent in an industry with a huge growth potential poses another big challenge.

Our role is not limited to being recruiters for different organisations – we act as consultants/advisors to our clients, helping them address critical talent issues. Besides executive recruiting, we also advise them on succession planning. Our industry expertise, proactive approach, and long term association with leadi